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Huntington Home Health Solutions Staff
Ben Simmons, BSN-RN


Member of American Nurses Association, Indiana State Nurses Associate, American Association of Critical Care Nurses

How It Came To Be

My background started in one of the Fort Wayne area hospitals as I began studying at the University of Saint Francis. I graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology followed by a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN). After working in the Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Unit (STICU) at Parkview Regional Medical Center I noticed that many of our patients being discharged, or sent home with hospice were simply not getting the care they needed.

That's when the idea arose to provide gap service to people requiring more than what their primary provider can offer - whether that's a companion to be present, or a nurse to provide Foley catheter care, bathing, and medication administration​ (as ordered by your physician). 

The services I can offer are listed here, but can be modified to accommodate your needs. Contact me 


Did You Know:


Nearly 70% of people would prefer to die at home

The average daily time spent with a nurse or aide is 30 minutes per visit

Family caregivers can develop caregiver syndrome characterized by feeling overwhelmed, irritability, and sleep disturbances

Respite care: relieving the family caregiver to reduce strain, pressure, and/or worry

Many agencies anticipate a family member being the primary caregiver for patient needs including personal hygiene, and controlling the patient's pain 







Elder woman and her caretaker
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