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Huntington Home Health Solutions Background & How It Came To Be

When I first started in nursing I went straight to my dream job: working in the surgical trauma neuro intensive care unit (STICU) at Parkview Regional Medical Center (PRMC). It's nickname, the Emerald Palace, is spot on. STICU cares for patients with traumatic injuries from car accidents, shootings, strokes, and every other malady that one could imagine. I loved working with my mind, providing care not only to patients who needed it, but also with their families.

During the times of crisis when a patient were to go to the ICU many things happen: stress levels increase, families enter into emotional turmoil, and decisions have to be made. At these turning points one thing remains consistent: the patient and family needs cared for. As my tenure with STICU continued, I began realizing how many patients and families wanted to be home for their last few moments of life. This anecdote is supported by many articles (

Fortunately my fiancee is also a nurse so being able to discuss my thoughts and feelings with regards to work are welcomed. During our talks she disclosed that someone had reached out to her about needing additional care for their grandparent who was passing away on hospice. The primary hospice provider told the family they did not have the staff to support their care needs. She also disclosed the number of emails from her work at a local university about area residents reaching out for additional in-home caregivers with similar situations. Families are being handed additional, unnecessary responsibilities in a time of great need, and I seek to answer that need.

Whether care is delivered by my hands, or another experienced caregiver, or from any institution other than my own the people who matter most are receiving what they need. My dream now is to allocate appropriate staffing to organizations that have staffing needs, or to answer the family's call directly to provide excellent patient care to allow family to focus on what matters most.

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